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About Us


At Boating Upgrades, we're driven by a shared passion for the marine world. Our goal? To provide fellow marine enthusiasts with a single, comprehensive destination that offers unparalleled value and an exceptional experience within the marine industry. Backed by over 15 years of dedicated expertise, we're thrilled to collaborate with boating aficionados across the United States.

Our affinity for the water runs deep, and we cherish the incredible moments it brings – whether it's quality time spent with loved ones, thrilling fishing trips, exhilarating water sports, or more. Leveraging both our own firsthand experiences and our professional background, we're excited to present an extensive array of products. From enhancements to replacement parts, we're here to cater to the needs of those seeking to elevate their boating adventures.



Boat enthusiasts deserve a reliable hub where affordability meets top-tier quality. Look no further – at Boating Upgrades, we take pride in being that trustworthy source. From coast to coast, we're honored to call Charleston, South Carolina, our founding location. 

Join us in making waves and enhancing your marine journey – explore Boating Upgrades today.

In 2023 our new owner Ciara Stanbridge who owns OLF LLC, acquired this family owned and operated business which is now registered in Delaware. She has a huge experience in running online businesses that are focused on servicing local and international customers. Our office is located 8 The Green #17530 Dover, DE 19901. You can call us on: (843) 212-6930 between 9am - 4pm EST. Alternatively you can reach us on: